The Best Socks Are Wigwam Socks

Wigwam Mills, Incorporated has been making socks for over one hundred years. Their factory is in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. These socks are proudly made in the United States of America and offer you quality as well as integrity. Wigwam socks are made to enhance the lives of their customers. Only the finest quality materials go into making these high quality socks. With a reputation full of integrity and honesty, it is easy to see why Wigwam socks are still being made today.

Wigwam offers every type of sock for every occasion. For sports enthusiasts Wigwam offers a Pro series of socks that are advanced. Wigwam Dash socks are made to be durable and help keep your feet dry when they would otherwise become sweaty. This is particularly helpful for people that run track or any other sport that requires a lot of running. Wigwam Dash socks has a dri-release formula that allows them to dry super-fast. This sock also comes with a Fresh Guard that eliminates odors that perpetuate from sweaty socks and shoes. The sole of the sock is cushiony with a top that stays put no matter the amount of movement that may wear the elastic out of a normal ankle sock. To round out this athletic sock, there is a low profile toe closure that keeps the seam from rubbing against your toes and making the fit uncomfortable.

Another Pro series sock is the IM Flash Pro Sock. These particular socks has some of the same accolades as the Dash socks such as the seamless toe closure and the dri-release formula that helps prevent blisters. The IM Flash Pro takes sports socks to a whole other level. They include a heel tab which helps reduce any slippage. The IM Flash Pro socks help your athletic shoes stay exactly where they should on your foot to offer you the perfect fit with every step you take. To keep your feet odor free, they have included X20Acrylic which contains Chitosan, a natural odor reducer. The socks themselves hug your feet and give you a cushiony sole with a breathable mesh instep. These socks help take your game up to another level.

Wigwam Socks are great for sports, but they also offer compression socks for every day wear too. No one goes through socks more so than kids. Wigwam has the bestselling Pee Wee Kids Crew Socks. These cotton athletic socks are sized for kids, and designed to keep busy feet safe, warm and comfortable. Pee Wee Kids Crew socks are made from eighty percent cotton and twenty percent stretch nylon so they can take the wiggling, jumping, running, and bounding foot actions of your typical child. The fit is gently hugs a child’s foot so you won’t see them walking around with their socks half off their feet, which could cause them to trip.

Instead the stay put top keep these pee wee socks directly in place. You can get them in quarter crew height and full crew height. With unique youthful designs that attract kids, you can’t go wrong. The fortified sole will keep them active long after you are ready to call it a day. The medium weight cotton keeps their feet comfortable. Wigwam offers most of their socks in down-sized kid’s versions. You can feel secure knowing your child isn’t going to come home with horrible blisters that make cranky and upset.

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