Ralph Lauren Sunglasses For Women – 3 Of My Favorite Styles

Ralph Lauren is synonymous with style and has been for as long as I can remember. What started off with as line of men’s ties in 1967 has grown into a multi-billion dollar luxury apparel and goods empire. And everything associated with the brand oozes quality.

Today, the range of Ralph Lauren sunglasses for women is both elegant yet sophisticated. What I like about these Made-In-Italy cool sunglasses is that they look good while protecting you from nasty UV rays. You can be assured of that.

Original Ralph Lauren sunglasses for women are products of quality so be sure to only purchase your Ralph Lauren women’s sunglasses from authorized dealers.

If you decide to purchase similar looking knock-offs, you may find yourself getting headaches due to poor quality lenses. You could also find that the frame or even lenses chip easily. In addition to that, you could also find the temples and nose pads falling off.

Save yourself the trouble and potential injury, and get yourself a pair or two of authentic Ralph Lauren women’s sunglasses. Here are 3 of my favorite Ralph Lauren sunglasses for women models.

I am a fan aviator styled sunglasses which is why this is one of my favorites. For those of you who prefer a similar style with narrower temple, have a look a the RL7034. Those have slightly smaller lenses too but they look just as good if not better, depending on the wears facial characteristics, of course.

I like this model not just because it looks classy and elegant but also because it has broad temples which helps protect my eyes from stray light from the side.

I started wearing tortoise shell shaped frames after I saw a music video of a certain pop artist of the 1990’s. Fortunately, the style is still going strong and so my collection of this style of sunglasses has grown steadily too.

There a few tortoise shell Ralph Lauren women’s sunglasses to choose from with variations in tone frame shape and sizes. I opted for a cool frame color to match my cool skin tone. Remember to match the color of your frames with your skin tone.

To find out what skin tone you have, just pay a little visit to a cosmetic’s counter to find out.

If I want to look glamorous, I will most certainly don a pair of butterfly shaped Ralph Lauren women’s sunglasses. Maybe it is the influence of seeing so many celebrities wearing similar models on the covers of couture magazines.

Of course, whether or not a particular shape of sunglasses looks glamorous or not is pretty subjective.

Again the this particular model of Ralph Lauren sunglasses for women has the broad temples which I like and it comes in a light gold-brown lens which I also like.

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