Protecting Property Selling When In Divorce

Going through a divorce can be very stressful, and the involved parties are left with permanent scars for the rest of their lives. Besides fighting for child custody, there are other battles that can spring up during marital separation, such as division of assets. As such, you should seek the help of an experienced divorce lawyer if at all you want to get a fair share of all the selling a home in Oro Valley AZ property that the two of you own. Protecting assets in a family separation becomes critical if one spouse is determined to win at all costs or is just out for revenge. If you suspect that your spouse is selling off some property without your knowledge, then get proactive about your situation and use the following ways to protect your property:

    • Prepare an inventory of all your valuables. Here, you want to make sure that no one tampers with your hard-earned possessions during the divorce. For instance, things that you bought alone and not jointly should be protected at all costs. Keep them in a safe place where your spouse has no clue about.
    • You should have a proof of anything that you inherited from your parents, friends or even relatives; all inherited things belong to you and you only. You do not want your spouse to sell assets without your knowledge.
    • Immediately once the divorce process starts, get your valuables – could be important documents – from the place; however, be sure to follow the right procedure lest you are taken for a thief and find yourself into even more problems. In the case where your spouse changed a locked to keep you off from collecting your valuables, you should get a court order to coerce them to allow you get what belong to you.
    • For jointly owned property, hire an appraiser to evaluate the true value of the property and make sure that the two of you get what each deserves. Do this on time to avoid losing what is rightfully yours; your spouse may sell it before it is subdivided.
  • Personal business records are also important and should be protected because they proof that you own the business. Therefore, you should have these documents safe, and if need be, you should have copies made of all of them. These will come in handy just in case your spouse wants to resell or possess the business that you own or your shares.


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