It’s Raining Health – Green Tea Detoxification

Welcome visitor and be prepared to learn about the green tea detox. But first, let us review on the subject of detoxification itself in order to better understand how green tea can help you and your bodily needs.

Detoxification is all about a process normally performed by the body to remove harmful substances such as toxins, chemicals and the infamous free radicals, out of the body in order to restore the body to normal health. There are many methods far and wide that aid in detoxifying the body of these substances, some of them are manufactured such as the detox foot patch and the ionic detox footbath, and others are made up of natural ingredients such as the various detox diets used by celebrities. The main focus of this article is another method using natural ingredients – the green tea detox – and demonstrating how using this power plant can assist the body improve health in numerous ways.

Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, being produced by simply removing some leaves from the plant and placing them to be steamed. This process prevents the fermentation of the leaves, which would rapidly increase the levels of caffeine in the tea, such as is the case in black and oolong tea, born of the same plant. The latter two teas are formed by the fermentation of their leaves. This sadly also destroys the amount of antioxidants in the tea, leaving the tea to have a much larger amount than the other two teas, also resulting in a less effective tea detox plan.

Performing a successful green tea detox requires only detoxfootbath that you add the tea into your existing diet. Just begin drinking some tea along with whatever you eat and drink – hopefully nutritional foods and water more than juices and soda – in order to begin receiving the benefits of the tea detox. Did you know that green tea is packed with much more antioxidants than the Vitamins famous for that topic, C and E? It is more effective at protecting the body from free radical damage and the skin from UV rays of the sun. The long list of benefits do not stop there, it also blocks some disease, tumor, cancer and fatty cells. Please note that this plant alone will not protect you from all diseases and cancers, but it is just one more assistant to fight the battle against them. Blocking fatty cells prevent the making of fat, which is useful information for whoever has problems with weight maintenance. The recommended amount of green tea to drink are from 3 to 5 cups a day. The green tea detox is also easy to perform, since the food comes in the many forms of tablets, pills, bags, powders and more – for anyone who has trouble with tea intake.

Benefits of A Green Tea Detox

The long list of Christmas gifts that green tea sends to you are available 365 days a year. They include but do not end with dropping cholesterol and blood pressure levels, assisting in oral health problems such as bad breath, and last but not least, improving the immune system to fight off illnesses and diseases.

Preparing a green tea brew is very simple. All you have to do is heat water until it is boiling, when it begins to bubble. Then turn off the heat, let the water cool off for 1 minute and then add the tea bag. If you use pills and tablets, disregard this information – it is for those who use the tea bag form only. Let the bag rest in the water for 4 to 5 minutes, the longer the better. This simply allows the antioxidants to be released from the tea for a more effective drink.

For those who have issues with caffeine, green tea is available decaffeinated just for you.

That’s all for today, try detoxing today, there’s nothing to lose except all that is holding you back from enjoying life. Come find more benefits when you detoxify with green tea.


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