Have a More Beautiful and Healthier Habitat With a Koi Pond Waterfall

A Koi pond offers a striking look to any garden. But, do you know how you can make yours even more attractive and relaxing…how about the idea of adorning yours with a Koi pond waterfall?

Have you ever heard the sounds created by waterfalls? With their relaxing rhythm, these falling waters offer a great experience to listeners. Their music is wonderfully peaceful and most importantly, waterfalls add a natural oxygen source to the water.A Koi pond offers a striking look to your garden.

These ponds have become an important feature of almost every garden. But do you know what can make them more attractive and relaxing… How about the idea of adding a Koi pond waterfall?

As a result, the installation of waterfalls for decorating and aerating Koi ponds has increased. A Koi pond waterfall not only adorns your pond but also makes the water healthier for your fish.

You might think installing a waterfall is a tough task but it is actually very simple to do. You can incorporate the waterfall into your design while composing preliminary plans.

This can be done by making a layout of a line level to determine the slope of the area towards the pond. A slope or berm with the soil and rocks can be also created. This is can be concluded while digging out for the pond.

A Koi pond waterfall can be easily added to the pond with help of the soil that was dug up during excavation. Next form the waterfall steps. These allow the water to flow over and down.
Your waterfall construction must be fully proofed and well planned. Poor planning and construction may lead to numerous leakages. One must keep the rocky edge of the pond above the water line. It should be leak proof and able to allow the water splatter inside the liner only.

For better construction of your Koi pond, waterfall stone mortar should be used. These mortars are made of concrete mixed with sand and can be hidden under gravel.

People also add marginal plans to soften the rocky edge and offer a natural look. If you have made the waterfall s with the soil dug out from the fish pond, you may plant trees and large bushes on the back side of it to make it more natural.

Some people even add a stream. This is a great idea, as a stream with waterfall makes the garden look fabulous. The stream can be stepped or can have a gentle slope towards the main Koi pond. With a waterfall connecting the stream and pond, amid lots of plants and bushes, the complete scenario becomes amazing.

To make it more attractive, you can use bit of creativity and give a curvy shape to the stream. The major part of the stream can be lined with small gravel and some of bigger rocks can be used to give it a natural look.

You will be well rewarded for your work and creativity with a relaxing and enjoyable haven free from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Now, set up a lounge chair nearby and enjoy your Koi pond waterfall!

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