Eating Disorder Treatment Options Explained

Eating disorder treatment options must address the underlying causes of eating disorders. This is crucial to obtain full recovery!

There are eating disorder treatment options which can be used to offset the physical and emotional damage caused by eating disorders. Although common among troubled teens, eating disorders affect women and men of all ages including small children.

Early warning signs are present even in people who try to mask their eating disorder condition. Receiving treatment early in the process will make full recovery far easier.

Eating Disorders – Understanding the Causes and Conditions

Before treatment can begin, you must have an understanding of the causes and common conditions of eating disorders. This is where a professional facility can be of enormous help. While many people can be conscious of their dietary habits, those with an eating disorder are overly obsessed with following rigid diets.

Secretly gorging food, throwing up after meals, and counting calories Marijuana Withdrawal symptoms obsessively are also warning signs. However, eating disorders go beyond a person having unhealthy dietary habits.

These conditions also include a distorted self-critical attitude about one’s weight, food and body image. Damaging behaviours are the result of these negative thoughts and feelings and a program created by good eating disorder clinics is essential for recovery.

Food is often used to deal with uncomfortable or painful emotions. People with eating disorders will restrict food in order to feel like they are in control. Treatment options are not even considered. Instead, overeating is used as a temporary relief to soothe their sadness, anger or loneliness.

Obsession with food and weight soon dominates a person’s life. As a result, people with an eating disorder cannot see themselves objectively.

Types of Eating Disorders

The three most common eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder.


Anorexia is caused by people starving themselves because they fear becoming fat. They never believe that they are thin enough, even when they are underweight. Not only do people with Anorexia restrict calorie intake, but they also exercise, diet pills and purge.


Bulimia is the destructive cycle of binging and purging. People with this disorder also exercise, fast or take laxatives.

Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder causes people to overeat compulsively and feel guilty and ashamed of their behavior. However, they are unable to control this compulsive habit even when they are uncomfortably full.

Eating Disorder Treatment Options

The options associated with these eating disorder conditions varies depending on individual symptoms, issues, strengths and the severity of the disorder. Eating disorder treatment options must address the underlying physical and psychological causes to be effective. Combining psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, and support groups are often the best way to treat eating disorders. Residential treatment or hospitalization may be necessary in extreme cases.

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