Amsterdam Apartments For Rent – Find A Comfortable Place To Stay For Holiday

Whether for pleasure or business, Amsterdam apartments for rent on a short term base will add enjoyment for anyone visiting the city. Units are affordable and spacious. They offer all the comfort and freedom of a temporary home away from home. Prices range upward from an equivalent of about $50 per night.

Staying in an apartment allows travelers freedom to choose: dine out or eat in. Shopping for and preparing meals is another great way to reduce travel expenses. It also adds an element of adventure. No visitor should miss the market culture, a vital aspect of Amsterdam life since the 18th Century. The city boasts 12 outdoor markets open daily, and several others open a few days a week or seasonally. People shopping for groceries will be most interested in the biggest, busiest one, Albert Cuypmarkt.

Natural food connoisseurs should note the Farmers Market on the coliving berlin Noordermarkt. Smaller and trendier, it offers specialties such as biological cheeses and eggs. It is made famous by the selection of wild mushrooms foraged in Dutch forests and other countries. This is where locals shop for canaries and pigeons.

After a few homemade meals and snacks, restaurant dining will come as a special treat, not an extravagant routine. Few meals could be more memorable than dinner on a riverboat along the numerous canals. Cafes are another essential part of Dutch life, playing a similar role as pubs to the English and Irish. In this way Amsterdam apartments for rent on a short term arrangement, help save money for the richest experiences which the place has to offer.

The city is compact and well suited to travelers who like to walk. It is easy to find apartments for short term renting close to many attractions around Amsterdam. With a good guide book, a self-guided walking tour will lead explorers to the most famous sites. Meanwhile, the visitor has time and liberty to discover unexpected curiosities around the corner. Do not miss taking a night time stroll around the canal district.

An even faster way to get around, cycling is a popular lifestyle in Amsterdam. Bicycle rentals are widely available. Learn the best cycling routes. Be sure to yield to trams. This is another fun way to explore the canals and more than 1,000 bridges around the city.


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