All You Need to Know When it Comes to a Medical Assistant Salary

As years pass by more things gets discovered, just like how chemists and doctors find cure to each disease known to man. Of course this being said we can expect that the world’s population will continue to grow. More and more medical centres and hospitals are needed in each community to be able to attend to people seeking medical attention and help. As this happens the demand for medical professionals and health care providers will surely increase. Doctor’s will surely need a helping hand to assist him in attending to his/her patients but believe it or not a nurse is not the first option. Benzo Withdrawal Medical assistants nowadays are much preferred by health care establishments simply because of their versatility and lower salary cost compared to nurses. A nurse needs to be paid a minimum of twenty two dollars per hour while an assistant only cost eleven dollars per hour. If you’re the doctor or the owner of a health centre you would prefer to hire a medical assistant rather than a nurse especially if the task needs to be done are all clerical and admin plus a little bit of simple clinical procedures.

A medical assistant salary ranges from per hour but the rates will still depend with the type of industry one has to work for. For someone who will be working with this type of profession you should expect that you’ll be doing almost all clerical jobs that a doctor needs to be done. Task such as organizing medical records of patients, medical equipment maintenance check-up, answering phone calls, laboratory scheduling of patients, insurance filing and billing, appointment setting and the like. As for clinical procedure you’ll be asked to perform simply tasks such as gathering patient’s vital signs, drawing blood, assist the physician with the patient’s treatment if needed, give shots, perform an x-ray and apply bandage to patients who needs it. Medical assistant salary may be smaller compared to a nurse but if you think of all the things a RN needs to through before he or she even gets licensed you will indeed realize that a Medical assistant salary is already good enough!

To earn a Medical assistant salary you don’t have to undergo through a four year course and you don’t need to spend so much money to study. You can choose to have a certificate or an associate degree to start working and all you need to do is spend two years at most to learn the skills and knowledge need for this type of job.


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